Shadow Watcher is my next exciting project to follow on from Cry From The Grave.  It’s another mystery/suspense but with an extra helping of romance that developed on its own and wouldn’t go away!  It won’t be long now before it’s ready to go but I had such great feedback and reviews on CFG that I really want to feel the two books are happy sitting side by side. As I mention on my Blog, I’m hoping to get the final tweaks done on my holiday, after which it will be going off to an editor who will undoubtedly pull it all apart again.  Oh, the joys of writing.  I do hope you’ll sign up for the mailing list which you can do at the top of this page, so I can let you know as soon as Shadow Watcher is available.  Plus you can share in the build up with the cover reveal and extracts in the run up to publication!

Bye for now and see you again soon.