Ask any writer and they’ll tell you it’s hard work trying to write and lead a life as well! I don’t think people realise how many hours go into producing that final manuscript. (Or maybe I’m just SLOW). I read of an author recently who bemoaned the fact he’d spent over 900 hours writing his novel and all I can say is that’s NOTHING! I don’t dare clock up the man hours I’ve put in to Cry From The Grave and it’s two soon-to-be published follow-ups. But I do know they’ve all been hours well spent and much enjoyed. I’m totally absorbed in what I do and know how lucky I am to have a hobby I love so much! My final edit of Shadow Watcher is done and all it needs now is for me to re-read it through (yet again), to ensure the alterations I’ve made haven’t changed anything in the structure of the novel etc., and then my manuscript will be winging its way to an Editor for a formal critique, which will inevitably mean more editing by me when it comes back. With luck and a fair wind I’m hoping it will be released in time for Christmas this year. This novel is a little different to Cry From The Grave. It’s still a mystery crime drama but there’s a slightly stronger romantic theme running through it – just to complicate my protagonist’s life even more. If you haven’t done so already, do sign up on my Home Page and you’ll be the first to read a sample and hear about my Release date. Until then, Happy Reading.