What a roller-coaster ride this month has been. But so exciting! After what feels like a lifetime, not only do I have my second book published but book no. 3 is also a whisker away from being released.  I’m just waiting for the adjustments to my cover and a final read-through by my husband (my severest proof-reader), and then it will be all systems go for that too. It never fails to astound me how much never-ending work goes into the release of a new book. It has a couple of edits by my editor (to check structure, plot, characters etc., and to make sure the story actually works), then when it’s finished and ready to go, it has a copy edit and proof read. And despite all that, one or two little errors can still slip in – hence the final read-through by said critical husband! As well as that, there’s all the marketing and social networking to keep up with, not to mention designing and choosing the final front cover – always a challenge but so rewarding when its done.

Of course, the best news of all once this is done, is that I’ll have three stories out there with a fourth on the way. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about over the last couple of months – after spending half my life writing as a hobby, I now have something to show for it that people actually seem to enjoy reading!  I’m currently trying to piece together the plot and characters of my new book – always a challenge at the beginning – and at times like this, it’s amazing how useful a two hour car journey visiting children and grandchildren, can come in! Nearly every journey I make now (whether it’s by car, train or plane) is given over to planning the next stage of my new novel and as it begins to fall into place I find myself gripped by that incredibly energising enthusiasm that can get me up at five o’clock in the morning and keep me up going until well into the early hours. So much for things slowing down as we get older, it’s definitely more a question of getting a new lease on life – and I ‘ll grab that while I can!