This truly has been an amazing holiday.  There are so many different sights and sounds.  Cows, dogs and even elephants on the roads intermingling with the most horrendous traffic – cars, tuk-tuks, mopeds, bikes, huge lorries and buses (not to mention people) – sometimes in narrow one ways streets that inevitably have traffic coming the other way too!  I don’t know how they manage to circumvent each other, but they do.  And all with good humour and patience, and much due diligence in their driving!  I find it hard to believe that (touch wood) we’ve only seen the aftermath of 2 accidents – in the three and a bit weeks we’ve been out here.  The extremes of wealth and poverty are hard to reconcile but there’s a way and pace of life that has a beauty all its own. So many people and all with their own agendas and tasks to follow.

We’re now into the final week of our holiday and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.  This last five days we’re spending near Kovalum, in Kerala, at the most quiet and picturesque of resorts right on the beach.  As I type this (and I know I should be writing) I’m sitting out on the veranda to our chalet, the morning light is rising and I’m looking through the palm trees to the surf breaking on the beach.  The only sounds to be heard are the occasional bird, the waves crashing onto the shore and the Yoga teacher down on the beach chanting with his two clients!  I’ve been watching them but it all seems a bit too contorted for me!

This is our fourth trip to India and is probably our last.  But each time I’ve seen and learned new things that will stay indelibly imprinted in my memory.  It has re-fired my writing inspiration and I’ve been busy working on my next novel, The Night is a Lonely Place.   If you’d like to be notified of when it is coming out please do sign up on my Mailing List on the Home Page and you’ll be one of the first to know.   It won’t be too long now!

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One of these days, I WILL set a story in India.