DS HARRY BRISCOMBE & DCI MURRAY ARE BACK in my second novel, The Jagged Line. It’s been a while coming because in between Cry From The Grave and this, I wrote another stand-alone novel called Shadow Watcher.  After much deliberation and humming and hah-ing, I decided to hold back on the release of that until after The Jagged Line. So … Shadow Watcher too, will be out in the next couple of months.  Plenty to keep you happily reading!

To whet your appetite, below is a brief synopsis of my new novel.

After a broken engagement and a fall-out with her father, Kirsty Cartwright has taken herself off to France to lick her wounds, but when she gets a phone call from her brother telling her that her father has been hit by a car, she is forced to come home and face her demons. As further information is released, Kirsty becomes suspicious that the hit and run may have been deliberate. Ridden with guilt over the fact she has not spoken to her father in nearly a year, she resolves to find out for herself the true circumstances surrounding his accident.

 For Harry Briscombe, already investigating the discovery of a body in a local park, Dominic Cartwright’s accident throws in the unwelcome possibility that the two incidents could be linked.

 As the pace picks up, the need to solve the case becomes paramount, as Kirsty suddenly finds herself caught up in a situation that is way more perilous than she could ever have imagined.

 The world is a dangerous place when you don’t know who to trust. Can you even trust your family?

I hope you enjoy it and you can buy it here if you’d like to:    Or here for the US: