FINALLY, I’m there! My third novel, a romantic suspense called SHADOW WATCHER, has just been released and it’s all systems go. At the moment (Oct 2017) it’s only available as an e-book, but it should be available as a paperback by the middle of November, so if that’s your preferred method of reading, just hang on in there.

Now … for those of you who have been following me for a while, I feel I need to clarify one little conundrum you could still be wondering about. You may recall me referring on several occasions, to my new novel, The Night is a Lonely Place, and indeed if you look back on some of my blog posts, there it is in black and white. I can’t deny it!   It seems ridiculous, I know, that people can write an entire novel yet not be able to come up with a totally satisfying name for it. After all, how hard can it be to fiddle around with a few words? Well, I’m telling you now – it’s HARD trying to find the right ones that somehow encapsulate the theme, atmosphere and message of your novel. The Night is a Lonely Place was always my working title for the book but it somehow never sat quite right, so over the couple of years that I was writing it, the subconscious part of my mind was always chugging quietly away … trying to come up with something better. Until one day, Shadow Watcher popped into my mind and I knew that was it. Poor Grace has had such a rough ride that she’s watching the shadows all the time and a significant part of her life has been overshadowed by the legacy that was left behind. It felt perfect.  Now I’m having the same problem with my new book, although currently I don’t even have a working title – it’s just called New Book!  Not very original, but as I’m also having problems working out the plot at the moment, that actually seems the least of my worries.

Anyway … that’s enough from me. I do hope you enjoy this, my latest novel. Be aware that it is more of a romantic suspense than the psychological thriller genre of my other two books. I tried my hardest to sit it alongside them, but it just wasn’t having it. It had a mind of its own, and in the end, I just went along for the ride. Hope you do too.

This is the e-book link if you’d like to take a look on Amazon UK: or here for US:

As Always … Happy Reading!


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